About Heidi

'The business of life is the acquisition of memories.

In the end, that's all there is.'

Julian Fellowes

The most powerful sexual events begin in the mind, before we’ve even met. You arrange a tryst with me, your imagination running wild with the possibilities. Then we find each other at the bar, or you open your hotel door to me. I’m excited to meet you, all kisses and smiles, and the anticipation reaches fever pitch. You notice the way I move, the curve of my neck, the alluring scent of my perfume. 

I enjoy discovering what makes you unique. Inquisitive and bright, I make a stimulating companion and confidante. We connect in a way that only heightens the sensuality to come. Conversation gives way to action, and that’s when you experience the true Heidi. Passionate, present, intense.

My soft pillowy lips and sensual touch are focused solely on you. I tease and stroke, my hypnotic eyes lingering on yours. I adore giving and receiving pleasure, whether that means sweet affection or a full blown mind-stopping romp. 

In public, I’m a sweetheart. Stylish and demure. My friendly and easy-going nature is the icing on the cake. Although I’ve ventured far and wide, I'm a country girl at heart. People often tell me they feel as though they've known me forever and can tell me anything. I’m happiest when I’m immersed in a person, feeling them out, discovering their heart’s desire. And then giving it to them. 

Explore my website, run wild with the possibilities. Then get in touch... we'll create memories you'll never forget. 

Heidi xox

I love...

The fizz of champagne 

Dark cinemas

Poetry & stories

Cities at night

Steamy hot baths


Cocktails at dusk

A hint of cologne

Sea-fresh oysters

Walks in the forest

Breakfast in bed

Country starlight

Boarding a plane

Old friends

New lovers

Hearing you gasp my name