"What a beautiful woman. It is rare to meet any woman who gives herself so completely to intimacy, who is so open and present. Heidi touched me deeply and beyond happy or relaxed, I felt healed. She is sensitive, perceptive and beautifully caring. And remarkably, incredibly grounded, comfortable and easy to be with. And yeah, she's a knockout. The stunning beauty of her eyes, her hair, her lips, her whole body, are outshone by the beauty of her heart."


Excerpt from review on Scarlet Blue by Adam Sunset 17 Jan 2017

     "Heidi is every bit as delicious as her photos would have you believe. She is truly genuine, with no 'act' all. The result is a very natural interaction, and a sense of real intimacy. Heidi really knows - really truly knows - how to deliver pleasure in the erotic, ecstatic sense. It's the package - the body you dream about in those fevered moments, the mind and intellect for forming connection through conversation and a genuine skill and passion for the carnal arts - that leaves me at this hour perusing my diary for the next opportunity to come to Brisbane."


Excerpt from review on Scarlet Blue by Dan 16 Feb 2017

     "I will say that extending the evening was the best decision I have ever made. Heidi awoke in me a passionate beast that I was completely unaware existed. She gave me such a night of unbridled passion that I fear my life will never be the same again. I will constantly be looking for, and failing to find another woman, who has not only the beauty of Heidi but the charisma to match it. Simply put, I am a changed man. Gentlemen, I for one can attest; 'be careful what you wish for... you might just get it...', and now that I've had it, I only want more."

Excerpt from review on Scarlet Blue by hidden_ben 18 Jul 2017

     "From the moment Heidi walked through the door, her beauty knocked me for six. She is intelligent, well spoken, charming & attentive. I could have talked to her all night. I truly felt like I’d known her for years, not hours. Heidi is unbelievably sexy, but connecting with her on an intellectual level first, made the physical connection an out of this world experience. Heidi gave herself completely to our encounter which was a pleasant surprise…and a rarity. I feel truly blessed to have known this stunning woman." 

Excerpt from review on Scarlet Blue by John 5 Apr 2017

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